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Products and Services

Some of the products and services offered by Stevens Concrete Inc. include
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I. Architectural Features and Finishes
From cave entrances to outdoor fireplaces, from swimming pools to park benches, and fountains to counter tops, the limits to what can be done and what can be designed is limited only by your imagination.

II. Concrete Paving: Parking Lots, Loading Docks, Driveways, & ADA Access
Concrete Paving is very efficient for parking lots, loading docks, and driveways; concrete out performs asphalt in ease of maintenance, long-term durability, and has a significantly higher Albedo Factor then asphalt, helping to keep hardscapes and buildings cooler.

III. Drainage Systems Installation.
A. Form in Place: Custom drains designed to owners specs.
NOT recommended for winery use.

B. Prefabricated Composite Drain Systems: Ready made drains in 1 meter lengths multiple widths and designs available in traffic ratings from A to F. (pedestrian through commercial airport load ratings)

SCI recommends composite drainages systems such as ACO Drain and PolyDrain Systems for their ease of use, economy, and long term durability, especially in winery applications.

IV. Foundation Installation
Placement of structural reinforcing bars, concrete, and foundation bolts and hold downs as prescribed by a Structural Engineer. Common elements for buildings in Napa County included: piers and grade-beams, retaining walls, spread footings, stepped footings, pony walls, and pier and column, etc.

V. Foundation and Structural Retrofit
Generally involves the excavation around an existing foundation, drilling for dowel bars, and forming addition footings, piers, columns, and/or walls as per plan. The purpose of retrofitting is to bring a building or structure up to date for earthquake ratings and to strengthen its frame for any new designs and applications.

VI. Installation of Industrial Structural Components
Larger sized foundations; pier and bolt layout for steel frame buildings; equipment rated retaining walls, ramps, and pads; tank pads; loading docks; slab drainage; and containment areas/diverter pits.

VII. Stairs, Patios and, Sidewalks
Occasionally whimsical, sometimes colorful, and frequently grey, this tried and true use of concrete delivers decades of dependable service.

VIII. Consultation and Design Assistance
The staff at Stevens Concrete Inc. is dedicated to improving concrete construction. With experience gleaned from lifetimes spent in the trade, we can help you integrate concrete hardscapes into your next project, give advice about the pros and cons of varied approaches

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Providing the Foundation for Your Dreams